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Life is more comfortable with you

Life is more comfortable with you

Along with the development of modernsociety,more and more people are suffering from heavy pressure,the body and mind feel tired after a day,especially sit in front of computer or office white-collar workers.At this time,how important a massage chair is !Use the massage chair to relax yourself,eliminate fatigue.Life is more comfortable with you-Massage chair

1.Artificial massage technique

2.Eliminate fatigue,soothing decompression

3.S shape backrest,fit human shape back perfectly ,make the neck and waist massage more powerful

4.Massage point:neck ,waist,shoulder,ankle,knead massage,hip vibratory massage

5.U shape pillowunique u-shape pillow can massage your temple accurately to relieve fatigue

6.Foot roller system,perform a reflexology experience ,help relief foot stress and tiredness

Beside,it can also be used as a business investment,shopping mall、bus station、cinema、hotel、amusement venus is available.

Shopping mall-A leisurely afternoon tea

Bus station-Boring time while waiting for a bus

Cinema-Make it a pleasure while waiting for movie start

Amusement venus-Enjoyment and health together


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