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New product release-clown sand table

New product release-clown sand table

According to threeplus company, Guangzhou threeplus amusement equipment co.,ltd recently announced to the outside world that it will launch the sand table products of clown series nationwide in July 2018.

The clown series has always been the main series of threeplus , and the previous clown series has included clown wheel and clown doll machine.

Clown sand table, just as its name implies, is the subject of a clown on a sand table products, appearance cool like a clown, pure handmade, wear-resisting, durable, not easy deformation, not cracking, non-toxic, non-fade, beautiful and lovely clown modelling. The sand table is happy in the children's paradise.several children are sitting at the top of the sand table, playing with the sand.

Sand table is one of the children's amusement equipment, a complete set of sand table with space sand, mold.

Children can make different shapes according to different molds. The realistic Great Wall、 castle,、duckling、 fish ,be almost lifelike in appearance.

Space sand can be used as the carrier of  drawing surface, with the property of repeated erasure and arbitrary expansion.

Space sand can be used in children's teaching, as teaching material or teaching carrier, which can increase the fun of teaching and expand the space.

The shaping function of space sand environment can provide more abundant playing methods for psychological sand table, commercial sand table and military sand table.


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