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Why children are so obsessed with sand?

Why children are so obsessed with sand

Many people don't understand why children are so obsessed with ordinary sand.The reason for this external performance is closely related to the physical and psychological requirement of children.According to psychologists, kids like playing sand because such games make them feel happy and are of great value in promoting their development. Space sand can stimulate children's imagination and creative desire.

Kids are very interested in changeable and dynamic toys with fitting their mind.Any kind of man-made toys cannot compare with the gifts of nature, the sand is suitable for all the mental state of children, play with countless changes .Each child plays by his own hobby, which is the best gift given from nature.

Sand is both solid and fluid, it is changeable and easy to master, its endless shape and inexhaustible playing method meet children's inner requirement and creativity in operation .add many kinds of mould,become more amazing.No toy can meet the requirements of children in so many ways.

Creativity is the core of intelligence. Playing sand games has no fixed playing method and inevitable results, so it gives kids a lot of space to fully use their imagination and creativity.


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